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May 10, 2023
"I ordered my new PXG 0211 irons on…"
I ordered my new PXG 0211 irons on Sunday and I received them 9 days later on Tuesday,very impressed thank you all for the great job of building top of the line clubs.
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May 05, 2023
"Aaron was very thorough"
Aaron was very thorough, allowing me to try different club heads, club head weights, shafts etc, offering some advice, but allowing me to decide which ones I felt most comfortable with. Overall a very good experience, and I feel very happy with the clubs I have chosen
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May 01, 2023
"Club fitting"
After introduction and discussion with Aaron as to what I required we went through the bag making changes to club head and shafts to suit me. All very relaxed and comfortable and no gimicks. First class service.
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April 29, 2023
"Shot my first even par round with the…"
Shot my first even par round with the PXG Gen 2 irons. I love them. Great for seniors
And probably anyone else. I am 80 yrs old and have never played better. Also thanks for rejecting the renewal of contracts for LIV trators.
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April 28, 2023
"Wonderful fitting experience!"
I had a fitting with Aaron yesterday for a long overdue refresh of my bag. The whole experience was extremely enjoyable and there was no hard sell at any point. Aaron was extremely knowledgeable and tried various different options with the one aim to ensure that I was happy with the clubs in my bag (majority PXG and some that needed to stay (my driver and putter!). Top marks all round.
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April 27, 2023
"PXG Iron Fitting"
I attended Kings Acre yesterday to get fitted for new irons and a hybrid. It was a great session and Aaron's knowledge of the fitting process and the PXG products ensured I left feeling truly confident that the clubs I have ordered are the right ones for me.
Thanks Aaron.
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April 27, 2023
This is an update on the following review I wrote on Feb. 19:
Disappointed customer
I contacted player support to report that the grooves had worn off some of my Gen 2 irons after only 2 1/2 years of use. I sent photos to them and they responded that “this type of damage is considered to be normal wear and tear, so it is not something that would be covered. This type of wear and tear is not expected to affect playability.” I love the irons, but very disappointed that they have worn out so quickly. I will probably go back to one of the other premium brands that provides better longevity.
Date of experience: February 19, 2023.

I saw our excellent PXG fitter about 4 weeks ago on our range, and I showed him the irons and he wanted to contact headquarters (warranty dept.) to let them know that he thought there was a problem with the clubs, and he sent additional photos. They ask him to have my club pro send the two worst clubs to them which they did about three weeks ago. Today I inquired of the fitter about the status of the review and he sent me a note stating that the condition of the clubs reflected normal wear caused by excessive use. I have been without two of my irons for about a month and basically after the warranty department having had two sets of photos plus physical examination of the clubs, I get the same response as I received after I sent the first set of photos. PXG was not only very inconsiderate of a customer, but they were also inconsiderate of their fitter by leading him to believe something could be done to remedy the situation. The fitter was apologetic when he gave me the final decision, however, the company still offered no explanation as to what caused the irons to wear out in about two years of normal use. PXG seems to be very effective in recruiting excellent fitters, but based on my experience and the reviews I have read on this website, their customer service department leaves a lot to be desired. With the rapidity with which they introduce new generations of clubs, it seems that a short shelf life of their product is part of the company’s planned obsolescence strategy.
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April 20, 2023
"PXG Hensol Jack Vein"
Great fitting today with Jack at Hensol Golf academy fantastic knowledge and advice with club selection.

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April 11, 2023
"Aaron was very knowledgeable and…"
Aaron was very knowledgeable and helpful in my fitting. He gave me things to try that even though he didn't think it would be a good fit for me it answered the question for me. This is the third fitting for clubs and now have a full bag except for my putter, could there be a fourth fitting in the offing 😉
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April 11, 2023
"PXG - First Class Fitting."
First class service and experience.
Aaron has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and helped tailor my needs enormously.
A big thank you from me.
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April 09, 2023
"Exceedingly rude fitting personnel"
Exceedingly rude fitting personnel. Paid for a fitting. Arrived to a condescending little snot. Ended up not getting the fitting or a refund. Go buy Talylormade or some other reputable brand. Very disappointed given the owner is a former Marine.
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April 08, 2023
"Fitting experience."
Went for a fitting today and was extremely impressed by Aaron’s knowledge and understanding of my needs. He was very patient and willing to explain exactly what I required and why. I would recommend going along and trying PXG clubs!
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April 04, 2023
"Had a fitting with Aaron yesterday and…"
Had a fitting with Aaron yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I’m getting on a bit and struggling for distance and a big thanks to Aaron for being patient and very knowledgable in the equipment he was demonstrating.
So new set of Gen 6 on order and looking forward to this new chapter in my golfing journey.
Thanks Aaron and PXG
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April 04, 2023
"PXG are awesome …"
After a long lay off from playing golf regularly, I need to update a lot of my equipment. After doing some research I turned to PXG. They do a by telephone fitting service, and it works like this I gave details of my height, size my hands, distance from finger tip to ground and finally swing speed. From that Lloyd Harrison (who I've dealt with exclusively) makes suggestions on what shaft length, size of grip and lie angle. So far I've ordered the 0211 Driver with z5 lamkin grip, tensai raw blue 55 shaft and the head has an adjustable hosel, 0211 7 iron and finally the 0211 5 iron. Both the irons have z5 Lamkin grips, true temper elavate 95 shafts, with the lie angle 2° down. I've only used all the clubs on the range so far but I gotta tell you these clubs are light years ahead of my previous clubs. Forgiveness, good spin speed, confidence inspiring clubs that have definitely lengthened my distance. Dealing with the same person each time I order means I've got to know Lloyd, he is very knowledgeable, an obviously experienced fitter and golfer. In conclusion I would say PXG are producing quality products with that rare and welcome personal touch
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March 30, 2023
"Driver fitting with Aaron"
Had a driver fitting with Aaron, who was brilliant. He was open and honest throughout, gave me a variety of set-ups to try as we worked toward what was best for me. I would encourage everyone interested in trying PXG equipment to reach out to Aaron and take advantage of his experience.

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